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Clifton Plaza Redesign

This was our first project for spring semester sophomore year.  It is a small plaza in downtown Clifton- a small suburb of Cincinnati, OH- that is a cornerstone of the community and experiences quite a bit of foot traffic.  With this project we were asked to design a collapsible stage, a lockable bar area, furniture, storage, and a centerpiece following the traditions of pocket parks.  I wanted to highlight Clifton’s roots as an escape from the city, like it had been in the 1800’s.  So, throughout the site I tried to recreate the grandeur of the era, with the modern twist of bright colors and balanced landscape.  The centerpiece for the plaza became an old mansion built in the 1860’s that had recently been demolished.  The “house” transforms into the stage, bar, and offers additional seating.  The rest of the site became the mansion’s sprawling gardens filled with plants and brightly colored patio furniture- all following the style that would have popular at the time the house was built.


Process 1
Process 2
Process 4
Process 3
Plaza Collage-01
Plaza Collage-02


Plaza Floor Plan 1
Pull Out


N Elevation
Heading through the site
Top Down View
Panel View
S Elevation
SE Approach
SW Approach
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