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REC Redesign

This was a semester-long group project executed throughout the fall of sophomore year in our graphics class.  I worked with three other designers: Kayla Smith, Christian Ledet, and Shuxuan Wang.  First, we were asked to pick a place on Miami University’s campus that had obvious design flaws.  My group chose the REC Center’s main workout rooms- with the largest issue being circulation.  Then using different programs and skill sets, we were asked to redesign the REC to best fix our problems.  We were encouraged to design crazy solutions individually, but in the end settle on one design together.  As a group we chose a combination of our different designs: a helix staircase (my addition), a skylight (Kayla’s addition), less of a gap in the floor (Christian’s addition), and different windows (Shuxuan’s addition).  Lastly, we individually designed a presentation board for our project.


Initial Crazy Designs_Page_2
Initial Crazy Designs_Page_3
Initial Crazy Designs_Page_4
Initial Crazy Designs_Page_5
Initial Crazy Designs_Page_6
Initial Crazy Designs_Page_7


Helix Stair Section
First Floor Plan- Helix_edited.jpg
Second Floor Plan-Helix Stair.jpg
Isometric- Helix Stair


Kelly Horvath Final Composition Final_Pa
Kelly Horvath Final Composition Final_Pa
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