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Clifton Library

This project was designed as the final project for spring semester sophomore year.  It is a library and community center in the downtown Clifton area, a suburb of Cincinnati, OH.  It was set behind a busy, well-visited park- Clifton Plaza- that we had redesigned earlier in the semester.  Part of the requirements for this project was to have an open-access path throughout the site because it experiences heavy foot traffic.  So, for this project, I chose to design with site accessibility and circulation in mind.  First, there is an ADA accessible ramp that traverses the fifteen-foot height difference between the base of the site and the top of the plaza.  The path cuts across the site and subdivides the building between practical and leisure spaces.  Next, I focused on creating a diverse circulation path on each floor.  Finally, it all became focused around the central double-helix staircase connected to an atrium space.


Vignette 1
Vignette 2


Site Final
SUB-Level Final
1st Floor plan Final
2nd Floor plan Final
3rd Floor Plan Final
4th Floor Plan Final
5th Floor Plan Final


E-W Section Final
N_S  Section Final


North Elevation Final
East Elevation Final
S Elevation Final
West Elevation Final


N Entry Perspective
S Entry Perspective 1
Interior Perspective 1
Interior Perspective 2


Materials Board
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