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Floating Pavilions Mega-form

The challenge of the Floating Pavilions project was to design a multipurpose mega-form on an undeveloped corner site, partially covered by highway, and  make a dramatic impact on the Cincinnati skyline.  It also had to conform to Cincinnati street front code, National fire code, and include multiple types of spaces, such as, retail space, offices, a restaurant, an entertainment venue, a boutique hotel, and various housing layouts.  With this in mind, I wanted to blend Cincinnati’s past architecture and a modern approach to mega-structures. By taking inspiration from the Carew Tower, from precedent analysis, and the Infinity Tower in Dubai, I created a central core encased by spiraling pavilions, that provide outdoor space to each floor.  The core is divided into three sections in order to visually separate the growing privacy of spaces in the mega-form.  This is why the structure thins as it rises to its final height of 448 feet.

Final Presentation Board-01.jpg
Final Presentation Board-02.jpg
Final Presentation Board-03.jpg
Final Presentation Board-05.jpg
Final Presentation Board-06.jpg
Final Presentation Board-07.jpg
Final Presentation Board-08.jpg
Final Presentation Board-09.jpg
Final Presentation Board-11.jpg
Final Presentation Board-10.jpg
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