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Postrocas Restaurant

The name for Postrocas is a fusion of Jordi’s last name and the Catalonian word for small bites- something he is well known for creating.  With the design for Postrocas, I strove to combine Jordi’s fantastical and radical love of food with Singapore’s blend of cultures and experiences.Rocambolesque Resort is proud to announce the opening of our new restaurant: Postroca’s. As a part of the Rocambolesque brand, Postroca’s strives to bring a uniquely radical experience to our guest. Our head pastry chef, Jordi Roca masterfully blends our sophisticated tastes with a fantastical celebration of Catalonian and native flavors. We expect nothing less of our rocamboleque genuis.

Final Pin_Up Boards-01.jpg
Final Pin_Up Boards-02.jpg
Bar Perp.jpg
Entry Perp_edited.jpg
Menu Mock Up_edited.jpg
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