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Unity Transportation Center

This was our second project fall semester sophomore year.  We were tasked with transforming a local park into a transportation center for Oxford.  This included designing both a train station and bus stop while introducing and keeping vegetation in the park.  I chose to keep all of the trees, so my design evolved around them and eventually enveloped them.  To do this, I needed to do plenty of research about how to keep the trees alive while integrating them into my building.  I even spoke to a master gardener about how to best approach this as well as the plantings I wished to include.  There was one tree in particular that I needed to focus on working with when I moved on to planting choices- a black walnut.  Their roots and fruits are well-known for having a natural herbicide in them.  Meaning unless the plants had evolved with the black walnut, they were going to die from exposure.  So, I included a specifically chosen list of plantings.


N Elevation
S Elevation
top down
Perspective 1
Perspective 2
Perspective 3
Perspective 4


Site Analysis
Process 1
Process 3
Process 4


Site Plan Done
Floor Plans Need Touch ups
Sections Good to go
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