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Hamilton Housing

The site for this project was in Hamilton, Ohio’s old warehouse district, specifically where a papermill had been, along the Great Miami River.  With such a vast commercial site, it was subdivided into eighteen parcels.  We were each asked to design an apartment complex of ten units.  All of them varied in size, with five two-bedrooms, three one-bedrooms, and two three bedrooms.  In this design, I wanted to create dynamic façade experience, as well as an individuality in each apartment with a visible delineation of spaces.  So, there are two designs for each plan-type, a lively discourse between the interior and exterior spaces, a paneling system to clearly define the break between public and private, and green roofs in even functional space.  Given the site’s location, I wanted to choose my materials with respect to the area.  So, the façade mainly brick, but a dark slate color rather than the traditional red, and the panels are matte black aluminum with triangles cut into them- much like paper mâché.


Process 1
Process 3
Process 2


1st Floor Plan
2nd Floor Plan
3rd Floor Plan
4th Floor Plan


Human View
Human View
North Facade
NE Corner
East Facade
SE Corner
South Facade
West Facade
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