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Moselle Valley Winery

This project was a winery completed individually throughout the fall semester of junior year.  My chosen site was in the Moselle river-valley just outside of Schengen, Luxembourg- nestled into a hill facing the Moselle river.  I was inspired by this site and instantly knew I wanted to create an extension of this landscape with my building.  I wanted to create another hill that was well cradled by the hillside itself.  Before we started to just attack the extensive program, we spent about half of the semester developing our own design rhetoric.  We did this through analyzing two different precedents in plan, sections, and elevation.  Our final “vocabulary” dictated every line in our final models- walls, floors, equipment, everything.  So, in combination with my site, I was able to create a vineyard and winery complex completely intertwined with one another, much like a grapevine is with it’s trellis.

Final Presentation Updated.jpg
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