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Double Helices Timeline

For this project, I was asked to design a narrative exhibit through the display of tools, a focus of the studio.  Through a historical lens, I presented a dialogue between how we now discover the past and what tools were used throughout history to sustain and expand French borders within France and two of its former colonies.  I chose to situate this narrative in Place Bellecour, Lyon, France; Place George V, Quebec City, Canada; and Al Koutoubia Plaza Square, Marrakech, Morocco.  The interaction between the tools of the past and our tools for understanding its events will be represented by a bisected timeline divided into three sections that expands throughout each site in stages. The sections are all separated and focused within a timeline relevant to the chosen site, with 300 BCE being the most relevant for Lyon, 1534 CE the most for Quebec, and 1912 CE the most for Marrakech. 

Final Presentation Draft.jpg
Model 1.jpg
Model 2.jpg
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