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Lovell Beach Analysis

This was the first project of my spring semester freshman year.  The studio was given one of twelve American modernist homes that our professors had selected, and we were asked to draw and analyze the houses.  Although we were allowed to do research together, all drawings had to be done separately.  I was given the Lovell Beach House built by Rudolph Schindler in Newport Beach, CA in 1926.  I produced all floor plans and sections of the house based on those from the Orange County Auditor, and I did six analyses of my choice in order to best highlight the design of the house.


Project One Plan 1
Project One Plan 2


Project One Section 1
Project One Section 2


Analysis 0
Analysis 1_Axes of Symmetry
Analysis 2_Servant and Served
Analysis 4_ Materials
Analysis 5_Organization
Analysis 6_Circulation
Analysis 7_Proportions
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