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Artists' Lofts and Gallery

This was our final project for spring semester freshman year.  We were tasked with designing a multi-use building that could support local artists and the community it was going in, Over the Rhine in Cincinnati, OH.  The building had to have a classroom and gallery accessible to the public, and two apartments with in-house art studios for the particular artist connected by a common space the apartments shared.  Our lot was about 25’x100’ with an open corner facing Washington Park that was once a community garden, and it was bound by two preexisting buildings to the South and the East.


I wanted to play with light, repetition, and balance in this building.  Thus, I created a repetitive pattern on both facades that opened the interior to plenty of natural light, while also providing a balance along the different levels- the public space being much more open and the private more sheltered, the antithesis of one another.  The other unique feature of this building is the green house on the first floor.

First Floor Plan
Second and Third Floor Plans


W Elevation
NW Perspective
N Elevation
NE Perspective


This perspective displays the greenhouse facing Washington Park.  I specifically choose to include a greenhouse because I wanted to keep the community aspect that was greatly impressed upon us when we visited the site.  In theory, it would be run by the community.  I also chose this perspective because it shows the rotating panels that I wanted to include in the greenhouse so it could breathe. 

Interior Perspective
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